Heat Meters

Heat Meters measure the quantity of heated water supplied to various installations. Heat metering and consumption-based billing are at the heart of a variety of technical and institutional measures that enable the “commodification of heat” in centralized heating systems. Metering determines the quantity of heat delivered and exchanging hands in a heat transaction, and paying for the amount of heat acquired validates and completes the market exchange. 

Measuring heat can result in the following benefits:

  • Fair apportioning of costs
  • Identification of control problems
  • Basis for plant efficiency checks
  • Verification of efficiency gain claims

Heat Meters are suitable for:

  • Industrial users
  • Large apartment buildings
  • Swiming pools
  • Restaurants

Heat meters assignments:

The Closed Joint-Stock Society "Centrpribor" is manufacturer and supplier on ultrasonic flow meters successful in measuring all types of liquids including water, hydraulic oil, condensate, petroleum products, natural gas and etc. Heat meters UFEC, manufactured by JSC Centrpribor deliver greater accuracy, simple operation as well as rugged reliability for a wide range of process conditions including district heating, water and treated wastewater and petro-chemical processes