Heat meter UFEC. How it works?

Краткое описание How it works?
Преимущества и особенности Basic advantages and features
Новое исполнение New model
Ввод и хранение информации Data input and output
Комплект поставки Delivery set 
Сертификат Сертификат


 Each measurement sequence consists of a series of upstream and downstream signals. When ultrasound pulses are fired off, the receiving transducer opens to capture the analogue signals which are digitalized and stored in RAM (and evaluated for quality, of course, before being accepted).
        Transmission time is determined by correlating this signal with a reference signal. When that happens, the time of arrival can be determined with exacting precision.


The ultrasound heat meter UFEC 005 is designed on basis of the ultrasound heat meters UFEC 001, UFEC 003  well-recommended  in operation. New heat meter UFEC 005,  offers substantially more functionalities and operation capabilities.
     The device has the RF Gosstandart Certificate No. 16883-97 and approval of the RF Glavenergonadzor No. 076-TS.


Coolant flow parameters to determine:

  • thermal energy
  • thermal power
  • flow rate
  • volume 
  • temperature



Open and Closed systems of Heat Supply